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Summer Fashion Trends for Girls

While there is absolutely no obligation for your child to comply with fashion trends, it can be fun to follow along and see what is “in” for a particular season. With summer just around the corner, our fashionistas here at Vanessa Lynne Boutique look at some of the upcoming trends for girl’s dresses, t-shirts, accessories, and more.

Unicorn Imagery

Yes, unicorns have been extremely popular with little girls of all ages for a while now, but it looks as if they are not going anywhere. These magical, sparkly beasts continue to spark the imaginations of girls around the world, and they will continue to appear on t-shirts, hair bows, tracksuits and more.

Circle Skirts

Circle skirts are sweet and simple, but most importantly they are perfect for twirling and what little girl doesn’t love to twirl? A few circle skirts are the perfect addition to any summer wardrobe. They go with almost anything and are extremely easy to wear.


Whether it’s hair bows or bows on clothing, this classic feminine feature is also here to stay and you can expect to see a lot of bows around this summer. This accessory is so easy to incorporate and it can really elevate a more simple outfit, taking it to the next level in terms of cuteness.

Comfy Skorts

Skorts are probably the most practical item on this list. Skorts are ideal if your child still wants to feel girly but is heading out for a day of playing on jungle gyms where a skirt may not be the best idea. Skorts have always been around but they’re certainly coming back in a big way.

Fairy Dresses

Why save dressing up for ‘special occasions’? Your daughter can get away with dressing up as a fairy any day of the week, so why not make the most of it with a beautiful and whimsical fairy dress.


While culottes may not be the first thing you think of when you think of children’s clothing, culottes are comfortable, practical, and perfect for those cooler summer evenings. We’ll definitely be seeing more of this in the next few months.

Are you interested in any of the above fashion trends for your little girl? Here at Vanessa Lyne Boutique, we offer a wide range of clothing for children including girls’ dresses, skirts, cardigans, and more. Feel free to browse our website and spoil your child with a few fresh clothing pieces for summer.

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