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Hair Accessories


Browse our online store to find a lovely range of gorgeous fabric hair bows, unicorn bows, headbands and merino ear warmers. 

These unique and undeniably cute hair accessories go perfectly with the extensive range of clothing items that we have on offer. Match the hair bows with the Vanessa Lynne dresses and skirts for a well-rounded look that will be certain to turn heads and make your little girl look like the princess that she is!

Fabric Hair Bows

Our range of fabric hair bows is a delightful way to compliment the Vanessa Lynne range of dresses, skirts and other outfits that we have on offer. We have a range of patterns available in various colours, ranging from elegant and understated to flashy and sparkly. Either pair matching bows and outfits together for a gorgeous, unified creation, or create a fun and bold look by contrasting the two. It’s up to you! 


Our cute headbands range from functional grey twist stretchy headbands that go with everything to more rigid sparkly headbands that add an element of fun and playfulness to any outfit. These are great for keeping your girl’s hair out of her face with minimal fuss while still ensuring she looks as pretty and cute as ever!

Merino Ear Warmers

These fantastic woolly ear warmers will not only keep her ears nice and cosy but also serve as functional headbands for keeping her hair in check. They are super comfortable and also extremely cute, ensuring a perfect blend of function and fashion. We make our ear warmers from merino wool, which is a soft, high-quality wool that provides superior insulation and comfort.

Complete the look of your girl’s outfit by ordering your selection of fabric hair bows and other delightful hair accessories now! 



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