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Girls Skirts


Whether you have a birthday party or event coming up, or you simply want to add a special piece to your little girl’s wardrobe, the girls skirts at Vanessa Lynne Boutique are the perfect choice!

Here at Vanessa Lynne Boutique, you will find a selection of unique NZ-made girls skirts. Some are only one-off in a particular fabric, so you can be sure you will definitely have a one of a kind, high-quality girls designer skirt! These skirts are made to last and be enjoyed for many years to come. They are inspired by whimsy as well as classic styles.

Each skirt is set on a wide cotton/lycra waistband with an elasticated back for comfort. Because of the Vanessa Lynne waistband, these skirts will fit for at least a couple of years and allow for hours and hours of comfortable wear. 

They look amazing all year round and can be worn throughout every season. Wear girls skirts with sandals in summer and tights/stockings in the winter with patent leather shoes or boots. Now isn’t that oh so cute! 

Be quick in purchasing though, as they do sell fast!

These skirts are all made in New Zealand in the Vanessa Lynne Studio.

xx Vanessa Lynne 

Vanessa Lynne Boutique Girls Skirts

We are very proud that all of our Vanessa Lynne Boutique’s girls skirts are made right here in New Zealand. With a focus on quality and comfort, your little girl will get loads of wear out of her new skirt!

Our fabric is chosen very carefully. Of course, choosing high quality is essential, but the design is also very important. Children love colour, fun patterns, and beautiful texture. We think about the entire experience of wearing a skirt and twirling around in it. We take inspiration from a lot of classic shapes that never go out of style, but some of our fabric prints take inspiration from popular, modern kids’ movies such as Frozen. No matter your taste or your child’s design preferences, there is truly something for everyone at Vanessa Lynne Boutique. Feel free to browse away and be swept up in another world!

We make skirts for girls aged 1-12 years, but because of the elastic waistband, you can expect the skirt to last a few years beyond. Once your child has outgrown it, it can happily be passed down.

Are you interested in any of our girls skirts at Vanessa Lynne Boutique? Do you have any questions for us? Please feel free to get in touch with us!



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