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Kids’ Fashion Trends For Winter 2022

While it is always more important to ensure that your child is comfortable rather than in style, it is often fun to participate in one or two fashion trends each season with your children. It can be an exciting way for them to express themselves and their own personal style too. 

If you’re looking to buy them a few clothing items this winter, consider the following trend forecast.

Girls’ Cardigans

Cardigans are something that will never go out of fashion. While their colours, styles and patterns may change, a cardigan is definitely a staple in any little girl’s wardrobe. Cardigans are comfy, cosy and versatile. They are usually a lot easier to get on and off than hoodies and jumpers, and they are perfect for warmer winter days when a coat is not quite necessary.

Knitted Tights

Little girls love wearing dresses and skirts, even when it's winter. So if this is the case with your daughter or niece, you need to ensure that you keep her little leggies warm. Knitted tights are the ideal way to keep growing legs cosy and warm. Knitted tights are extremely adorable, especially when done in patterns and with embellishments. 

An Ode To The Past

Let’s go back to a simpler time. A trend that we’ll definitely see this winter is an ode to the past, where classic collars, cuts and shapes make a major comeback. Think of hand smocked dresses, Peter Pan collars, little lace socks, ribbons and frilly hems. We are steering clear of lumo colours, graphic T-shirts and all things related to the 2000s.

Hair Bows

This list would be incomplete without at least one hair accessory. For this winter, on top of knitted beanies, we believe hair bows will definitely make a comeback, particularly fabric hair bows. There is no cuter addition to any outfit than a matching or colour coordinating hair bow to top it all off.

Sailor Inspiration

Is there any cuter inspiration for little boys than sailors and nautical themes? This winter, we’re sure to see classic navy blue and white colour schemes for little boys and overall styles aplenty. This is a timeless style that will never go out of fashion.

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