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Pick The Perfect Children's Dresses For Any Occasion

Have you ever picked the perfect outfit out for your child on a special occasion and found that they either refuse to wear it or give a bit of difficulty when wearing it and refuse to wear it ever again?

You'll begin to see your child's sense of style develop even in their early years. When choosing children's dresses for special occasions, there are ways to consider your child's taste and personality. This gives space for expressing their individuality, feeling confident and appreciative for their outfit's sentimentality.

Choose The Correct Size

The dress should be the correct size. Too small will lead to discomfort. On the other hand, avoid choosing a larger size that has the potential for damage and accidents. Your child's comfort is important to ensure an event goes off smoothly. 

At birthday parties, you want them to feel comfortable participating. For weddings, you don't want them to become irritable and fidgety. Remember, dresses come in a range of styles that might be roomier than anticipated, so there is no need to choose oversized outfits to fit in a few years.

It's important to remember to choose comfortable and practical shoes for the occasion as well.

Identify Personal Taste And Personality

Whatever their age, no one knows your child better than you, from their favourite colour, what feels comfortable, what matches their hair or eyes to what brings out their smile.

Considering and acknowledging your child's personal style is important to have them feel comfortable in their new outfit. Ask their opinions before choosing a particular style.

Let Them Have The Final Say

If you pick a few of your favourite options, give them a final choice. This makes the outfit far more meaningful to your child. They'll feel a sense of individuality and pride in their choice. And you won't be blamed for any perceived fashion blunders as they get older. Instead, you'll have a timeless family heirloom that both you and your child can treasure.

Matching Styles - Mommy And Me

Many children like to follow by example. Vanessa Lynne Boutique is proud to introduce our fantastic women's range with adorable, limited edition “Mummy and Me” matching styles to choose from. All of our children's dresses are hand smocked and hand-made in-studio. In addition, we import the latest in fashion from around the world so that you can stay on-trend.

For all your special occasion children’s dresses, feel free to browse our Girls Collection.

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