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5 Ideas For Styling Fabric Hair Bows

Fabric hair bows are the ideal hair accessory for children as they are quick and easy to use, are extremely versatile, and add instant fun and colour. They are the cherry on top of any outfit!

Here at Vanessa Lynne Boutique, we have a wide range of fabric hair bows and we love seeing our clients wear these hair bows in a wide range of different fashions. In this article, we’ll provide you with five styling ideas for fabric hair bows. We have ensured that all of these ideas are quick and easy!

Middle Path With Side Clips

One of the simplest, easiest and cutest ways to wear fabric hair bows is to create a simple middle path, brushing the hair generously and then securing a fabric hair bow to either side of the hairline to keep the hair out of the face. Try to get as symmetrical as possible to really get the most out of this hairstyle.

A Fabric Bow At The Top Of A Ponytail

Is there any hairstyle more classic and practical than a ponytail? But a hair bow can make this ‘boring’ hairstyle a little more exciting. Create a simple ponytail and place a fabric hair bow at the very top of it for a clean and classic look.


A half-up hairstyle is one of the best ways to wear a fabric hair bow. For this hairstyle, you may want to use a slightly larger fabric hair bow than usual. Gather around a third of the hair at the top of the head and secure it at the back of the head and voila! You have a cute yet practical half-up look.

Long Plait Decorated With Bows

This hairstyle only really works if you or your daughter has long hair. All you do is create a simple plait (you could do a fishtail braid for more pizzazz) and then decorate this plait with three or four fabric hair bows at regular intervals down the plait. This is a very cute hairstyle and allows you to get creative with the different shapes and colours of hair bows you use.

Are you looking to buy affordable and fun fabric hair bows in New Zealand? Here at Vanessa Lynne Boutique, we offer a wide range of cute fabric hair bows as well as children’s clothing. Feel free to browse our website and view the high-quality items we offer.

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