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Martinborough Fair 2021

As we head into Autumn we are now getting ready for the last Martinborough fair for the year ( 6th March 2021) . February was such an amazing day even though it was pretty cold! we meet so many lovely people and our stall was well supported ( Love these people who Support New Zealand made!). 

Michael ( my fiancé )  and I left home at 4.00am to make sure we had plenty of time for setting up our stall, getting around the traffic jams and other stall holders who are also setting up. The fair opens at 8.00 with quite a few shopping before that time as well. It takes us around 1.5 hours to get our stall ready for the day and as you can imagine by 4.00pm ( closing time) we are pretty tired for the pack down but it is well worth it. I love meeting new people so we are gearing up for the last one. 

If you are thinking of heading to the market in March please do pop in and say hello.


Vanessa Lynne x



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