Little girls vintage inspired clothing made in NZ
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Why unique garments?

While picking up my daughter from her formal dance I noticed that quite a few of the girls attending had the SAME dress on. After many hours of preparation with shopping for the perfect dress, getting hair done, makeup and finding the perfect shoes you really would want to feel like the belle of the ball but to turn up and find others looking the same well how disappointing! ( My daughter said she was so happy she had her own unique dress) 

Have you yourself spend time choosing a dress/outfit  for your little princess to wear to a birthday party and have her looking just gorgeous then walk in the door and hear "ohh look she has the same dress on as ..."

You yourself may have gone out for a night on the town and passed many others dressed the same as you. 

All of the above has happened to me which is why when I came to decision to open up '"Vanessa Lynne" I decided to create unique and in most cases one off garments. So you can be confident that chances of finding someone else in the same outfit as you would be slim.

On another note how many of you have brought clothing online which looks amazing in the picture and the price is super cheap only to find that when it arrives the fabric is of a cheap quality, it's way to small and it looks nothing like the picture?

Vanessa Lynne garments are made true to size with quality fabric and the pictures are of the actual garment so you can shop with confidence.

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